Mortgages By Grant

UI Design | UX | Web Development


Mortgages By Grant offers mortgage plans and agreements to his clients, helping them to obtain their dream home. With any investment, he sits down with his clients and determines what their options are and what the possibilities are.

Grant’s problem with the website wasn’t just to explore a new style, but also to get customers to convert and take action on the first visit. As opposed to learning about his story, he was more concerned about providing customers with information that was fast and easy to access. Focusing on how he could help the customer was more significant to him.

Despite Grant’s interest in the customer journey and experience, we wanted to focus more on conversion rates than just the design of his website. The placement of various elements and CTAs will influence customers’ decision to get in touch with him. 

Discovery Phase & Process

Stabilizing his online presence required a corporate and institutional style and approach. Furthermore, the site should be cleaned up to make it easier for users to navigate and find answers to their questions. Moreover, we will incorporate the Client’s current image and digital presence without distorting some of their fundamentals

Creating a clean, thorough website allows users to feel confident about Grant’s site. As a result of the larger and more official corporate experience displayed, users were more likely to contact him. To reach his customers, Grant collected the data himself for this project. It is crucial to have a great design and a positive user experience, but his priority was conversion rates.

Ultimately, the project produced a functional and clean user interface. This is because the user is able to learn about the company and take action within the first seconds of being on the website’s home page. 

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