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Elsa Gonzalez & Asociados is a Dominican Republic-based broker insurance company. With several offices across the country, the insurance company provides a range of different insurances to its customers. Among their products are coverage for cars, homes, electronics, health, and more.

Digital and media exposure has become increasingly relevant to the company’s board over the past two years. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an increase in cases, which made it necessary for consumers to have better access to basic information about products available, coverage, help, and support. 

Discovery Phase

Although the company’s website provides customers with a thorough way to digest information. There was a need to make product information available quickly, as well as to make submitting claims and refunds simple.

During my research and UX process, I met with the CEO of the company. I asked what were the main concerns or blocks that might arise once the app is released. Despite the fact that internet access is still a luxury in most areas, the audience was more interested in having 24/7 access to information, office addresses and phone numbers, clauses, and product descriptions, rather than submitting claims.

The first thing I knew was that I had to create a better organizational design for UX and UI. As part of my process, I examined and audited the website. Due to the fact that I also designed the UI for the website, I already knew the information being presented and the process.  


It was important for the stakeholders of the company to keep the same branding and UX as their website, or at least simplify it (which is what was intended).

In this case, the company was not as involved as it would normally be in terms of the UI and organizational structure. I was trusted with making the process smooth and fast so that the desired result could be achieved.

To begin with, ideating placement for quick access, then creating low-fi wires to show to small groups of users. Having received satisfactory responses, I began working on the UI, following the branding and making some minor tweaks to match the app’s UI. 

BETA Launch & Production

As soon as the UI/UX was stablished and confirmed, we moved into a BETA testing environment to demonstrate that the app works as expected. Although it was a small group, we achieved the main purpose of the app. In order to avoid any issues or limitations, this was designed for users with very little basic technology knowledge.

Customers can access the app to get quick and fast information without having to access the company’s website. 

Tickets could be submitted, calls could be made to headquarters, and claims could be made. These were the most critical features the app needed to be successful. Whenever and wherever the user needs information, the product UX facilitates a simple and seamless path to obtain it. 

Elsa Gonzalez & Asociados’s app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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