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Being one of the most reliable antibody production companies in the United States, the company decided it was time for their web presence to match the changing times. 

Pantex is known for its gold standard steroid antibody production and has been providing hospitals, laboratories, and diagnostic manufacturers worldwide with quality endocrine immunodiagnostic tools for 50+ years. he high standards, integrity, and scientific expertise of Dr. Garza and his team move Pantex forward through the 21st century.

Pantex wanted to move away from their traditional appearance. They really wanted to move into the next decade with a confident and simple user experience due to the amount of data available.

Discovery Phase

After our initial consultation, I began to investigate current trends within the medical and biochemistry field. The laboratory has such a niche market that my team and I proposed a bold and simple strategy for them to effectively reach their audience.

Challenges that the laboratory was facing was how to educate their guests without overwhelming them with so much information. In addition, they needed to update their website to match a modern UI design and user experience.

Evolution & Launch

The laboratory was known for their gold standard of quality, so their design and brand needed to match their message and data. The user experience of the website was created, so that only essential information was exposed. When it comes to those who were in need of their services or were interested, they would be able to maneuver the website to acquire additional information or reach out to the laboratory directly regarding any additional information. 

With a tremendous change in its identity and design, we manage to maintain the persistent look of the laboratory’s ideals and public image.  Due to the expertise and dedication of the lab’s staff, Doctors Garza and Abraham published 8 papers on steroid hormone methodology in International peer-reviewed journals and a book chapter entitled, “Radioimmunoassay of Steroids,”in Handbook of Radioimmunoassay, Volume 5, G.E. Abraham, ed., MarcelDekker, Inc., New York, 1977.

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